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Top 5 New York Wedding Trends During Covid Times

2020 has been one scary roller coaster ride. It began with the raging fires in Australia and a string of misfortunes. But what stole the limelight is Covid-19. The novel virus had the whole world at a standstill, and although things are slowly easing into normal, one thing is certain; Covid-19 was a significant blow to anyone who planned to tie the knot in New York this year.

However, not every bride and groom took the setback while sitting down. Some couples and wedding organizers have improvised, coming up with trends guaranteed to set the pace for future weddings. Here are some top New York wedding trends during Covid times. 

1.   Virtual Weddings

During the first three months of Covid-19 in New York, things were so bad; most people chose to remain in self-isolation. Sports, concerts, and all sorts of social events were postponed indefinitely, prompting creativity among the brides and grooms. This spurred the trend of virtual weddings, which became even more popular after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo legalized online marriages.
This legalization was critical because for a marriage to be considered legal in New York; the couple must physically appear in a borough office. While virtual weddings are simple, some chose to stick to their initial plans, only that this time, the wedding venues were empty. The guests were watching the proceedings online. Initially, virtual weddings seemed like a trend that would go away post-Covid, but their current popularity says otherwise.

2.   Micro Weddings were the In-Thing

Micro weddings often have the same features as traditional weddings only that they have guests not exceeding 50. They were popular in New York during Covid-19 times as they made social distancing easy, and at the same time, allowed the couple to enjoy their big day in a physical setting with their guests.
As large public gatherings became banned across the state and social distancing regulations took center stage, those who had already settled on a wedding date and finalized on wedding plans did not throw everything out the window. They still said I do and enjoyed their big day just as they had planned but in an intimate setting thanks to micro weddings. Even though we are slowly resuming normal, the popularity and convenience of micro weddings during those few months means there’s a high chance they might be the next big thing post-Covid-19.

3. Elopement

Elopements also became increasingly popular in New York during Covid times. Couples chose natural, quiet places, tucked away from civilization like mountains, forests and beaches where they said I do, surrounded by their closes friends.

4.   Shift Weddings

Shift weddings were also quite popular during the wake of Covid-19. This is because they gave the couple a chance to enjoy their wedding day just as it had been planned, only that this time the guests would arrive at the venue in shifts, allowing them to adhere to social distancing regulations.

5.   Multi Weddings

The concept of multi weddings is similar to that of shift weddings only that this time, the bride and groom host multiple celebrations, inviting different groups of people at each. For instance, couples in New York who had already planned a complete wedding would invite a group of people on their guest list to the rehearsal and then invited a different group to the church ceremony, the reception and so on. This allowed them the pleasure to enjoy spending time with every guest on their list without breaking social distancing rules. Also, unlike a shift wedding, a multi wedding might take place over the entire weekend or even a week instead of just a day.

Whether you plan on having a micro wedding or a multi wedding post-Covid, Brase Catering is here to make things a tad easier for you. Let our catering experts handle your wedding menu and décor, so you can handle the rest at ease.

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