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Trend Alert: The Micro Wedding

Times are changing, and so are trends. For now, large weddings with tons of guests are a thing of the past.   But there’s no reason to put your nuptials on hold. In fact, there are many couples bypassing the large events and either eloping or going the “micro wedding” route.

This brings us to our next question, what exactly is a micro wedding? Why should you consider having one? Here’s some more info for you:

What Exactly is a Micro- Wedding?

Just as the name implies, a micro wedding is a small intimate wedding, typically with 50 guests or less. It boasts all the flair and the charm of a traditional wedding only that it has fewer guests. In some instances, the bride and the groom may even choose to invite less than 20 guests. This means it has the vow ceremony, the reception, entertainment, and generally, features all the glitz and glamor of a traditional wedding on a smaller scale.

Micro Wedding vs. Elopement

Micro weddings are often confused with elopements, but they are two worlds apart. A micro wedding undergoes all the typical planning of a traditional wedding, but on a smaller scale. An elopement, on the other hand, is pretty spontaneous. It happens when you and your other half decide you want to spend your life together forever in the heat of the moment. An elopement usually happens in secret and may have no guests at all. In fact, you and your other half might decide to get married and not tell even your closest friends.

Why Should You Consider a Micro Wedding?

Now that you know what a micro wedding is, here’s why you should consider having this type of wedding;

Less Costly


The average wedding in America will have you parting with about $34,000. This is enough to put a down payment for your future house as a couple or go on a bunch of dream-like international vacations. A micro-wedding, on the other hand, involves a shorter guest list, which means less splurging on the wedding reception venue, food, and entertainment. In other words, a micro wedding saves you money that you could put to some other good use.

Less Stressful

The longer your wedding guest list, the bigger the event, and consequently, the harder the legwork involved in planning. Juggling between your wedding outfits and chasing after multiple vendors, checking out different venues, and at the same time, ensuring guests RSVP will quickly turn you into the anxiety-ridden, cliché bride or groom to be we regularly see on the gray screen. A micro wedding, on the other hand, is less stressful to plan. With fewer close guests, you’ll have a more seamless time planning and executing it. You’ll create exactly the experience you’ve always wanted without working yourself to the fingerbone.

More Face Time with People Close to Your Heart

Typical traditional weddings often attract a bunch of people who are more than likely not in your life from a day to day. You’ll be busy chatting away with your best friend from high school when an uncle you can’t seem to recall interrupts, trying to remind you of how he held you when you were a baby. A micro wedding, on the other hand, allows you more face time with people close to your heart on your big day.

Micro weddings are quite popular and looking at the reasons above; it’s not difficult to figure out why. Got an upcoming wedding and thinking of having an intimate ceremony? Let our team help you with the catering so you can have one less thing to worry about. Get in touch with us today for an obligation-free consultation.

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